The Traditional Craft and Culinary Techniques of Sushi Cuisine

Crafting Seasonal Sushi,The Art of the Hand-Pressed Sushi

The Hand-Pressed Kohada (Gizzard Shad) Sushi Varies by the Level of the Kohada's Maturity

The name of kohada changes in line with its stage of growth: it starts out as shinko in its infancy and develops into kohada and nakazumi before finally becoming konoshiro. The flavor of this sushi is heightened by varying the way it is hand pressed or by fine-tuning its vinegar seasoning - such as pickling the whole fish or just half of it.

Seasonal Icefish and Clam Sushi

Even toppings that are difficult to hand craft into sushi delicacies, such as icefish and clam, can be shaped into beautifully shaped morsels, such as the gunkanmaki (battleship roll sushi) and a boiled and seasoned delicacy with the meat sliced open. They are a testament to the sushi chef's mastery.

The Sayori (halfbeak) Sushi is an Exceptionally Stylish Hand-Pressed Sushi

The sayori is slender and long and is therefore difficult to press it into shape for sushi, but it can be shaped stylishly, braiding it or even folding it to form the shape of a ring to wrap it around some oboro (ground meat of whitefish or shrimp).

The Crane and Tortoise Artisan Sushi

The delightful Crane and Tortoise artisan sushi is an exceptional nigiri arrangement, elevating the display of sushi assortment to the level of gorgeous art.

Traditional Skills and Arrangements, The Techniques for Creating Maki-Zushi (Rolled Sushi)

Slender Roll Arrangement - "The Wisteria Flower"

Slender roll sushi are rolled up into a circular shape, but they can be made to resemble wisteria flowers by molding their cross sections into teardrop shapes, positioning the cut areas face-up, and finally arranging them into clusters. Arranged in a circle, they will resemble the chrysanthemum.

The Creative Inside-Out Rolls

The uramaki sushi (inside out rolls)is favored by many non-Japanese, who tend to dislike nori (edible seaweed sheets). As typified by the California roll, the uramaki can be arranged freely, using a variety of different kinds of ingredients, including tobiko(flying fish roe)as a substitute for nori, and a variety of other ingredients for its core.

The Bouquet-Like "Temaki Sushi (Hand Rolled Sushi)"

This sushi is hand rolled, using nori for making slender rolls. Rice and other ingredients are placed on top of the nori and its front side is made slender while its end is made open like a bouquet. Western-style ingredients also go well with this sushi.

The Artisan Roll is Where the Tradition of Sushi-Craft Shines

This is the traditional artisan arrangement known as the shikai maki(four oceans roll). It is prepared by placing some tuna and omelet in the middle, but can you figure out how it is rolled?

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